Organizing Your Home for the New Baby’s Arrival

Organizing Your Home for the New Baby’s ArrivalMany new parents lament that there are no instruction manuals for parenting, and they are not wrong. Most of how parents do their parenting is a matter of trial and error and on-the-job training. There may be no flowchart on what to do in every instance when a new baby joins the family, but there are some steps you can take to organize your home and ease the anxiety levels a newborn can bring to new parents.

Assemble Your New Baby Kit

There are certain items that you are going to need immediately after returning home with a new baby. Having things such as baby soap, lotion, powder, diapers, bottles, nasal bulb, nail clippers and the like already standing by in the nursery can save you rushing out to the local pharmacy in the middle of the night for a thermometer the first time your new baby gets sick.

Stock Up: What Items Do You Use the Most?

When you bring your new bundle of joy home, time as you knew it will cease to exist. Meaning, you will be so busy tending to the new baby that you will not have time to just pop over to the market when you run out of toilet paper. Stocking up on basic staple items that you already use such as trash bags and paper towels, in addition to diapers, baby wipes, and other newborn-related paraphernalia ahead of time will go a long way toward avoiding burnout during those first few months of sleepless nights.

What Season is it? Spring Clean Anyway

As their immune systems are not yet developed, newborn babies are very susceptible to germs and illness. Giving your home a cleaning once-over before you bring the little one home not only helps keep the baby healthy but it also makes your life easier by eliminating clutter and disorganization.

This is also an ideal time to wash all the baby’s new clothes and linens in an ultra-gentle hypoallergenic laundry detergent. This will help to protect your baby’s skin from the harsh chemicals used on clothing and other fabrics during the manufacturing process. Washing all the laundry ahead of time will also provide you with an accurate inventory of onesies, burp pads, cloth diapers, and other items that are bound to get soiled quickly.

Hire a Professional Organizer to Set Your Home up for Success

Professional organization services are subject matter experts at making homes operate as smoothly as possible. From helping you set up a pantry that maximizes the space available and makes finding what you’re looking for a breeze, to giving pointers on the best way to set up a home cleaning schedule, an organizer can provide peace of mind in the form of bringing order to your most chaotic areas. Having a home that operates like a well-oiled machine as soon as you get home from the hospital with your newest addition takes the extra load off your shoulders and lets you focus all your attention on the one who needs it most.

At My Divine Concierge, we know how challenging life can be, especially when a new baby is added to the mix. Let us put our expertise to work in taking a load off your plate to get your home in tip-top shape for receiving you and your newborn.

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