Real Simple Real Hard

While reading Real Simple Magazine, they did a piece on how to clean your laundry room in 15 minutes. They allowed a minute for several different cleaning projects. For example, 1 minute to disconnect the dryer hose. Vacuum it out with your crevice attachment, then reattach the hose. Any sane woman or man would be crazy to try this and get it done in 1 minute. I agree it needs to be done once a year but please do it with time and care so that all pieces are attached correctly so the hose is blowing outside the laundry room.
I think that Real Simple needs to realize that this job really needs to take 30 minute and not put so much pressure on us to perform in a cardio exercise method to get our laundry room clean.
Real Simple needs to give us a break on time and think about all the things we really can do in 15 minutes.

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