Wishing you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

If you are traveling this Thanksgiving, please be safe and try not to be in too much of a hurry. Being stressed takes away from the fun. Everything always works out somehow. Whether the food is burnt, someone forgot their dish or the tablecloth has a hole in it, your attitude about it can make it a miserable situation or something for all of you to laugh about. Make sure to laugh a lot. Togetherness with the family and friends, having fun and giving thanks for what you have is the most important thing, not the food or decorations. Enjoy the holiday! If you don’t have any family to spend the time with, invite over some friends that are in the same situation and put together a small feast, rent some movies and have a good time. If you have friends with no where to go, invite them to come with you. Thanksgiving is a time when no one should have to be alone. Be sure to enjoy yours. Happy Thanksgiving.

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