3 Reasons September Is a Good Time to Organize Your Business

Small business owners have a lot to keep track of just to keep things moving from day-to-day. Those who work alone, especially if their businesses are based at home, may have the hardest time of all due to a lack of organization. If you find yourself in this position, we encourage you to take the month of September to concentrate on organizing your business before the busyness of autumn and winter sets in. Resolve now to get things organized for later.

September is one of the best times of the year to organize a home-based business. There are three reasons for this, which we have listed below. If your business is already well organized, September is a good time to resolve to keep things that way. Don’t allow busyness to lead to a lack of organization the rest of the year. If you are not yet organized, give My Divine Concierge call. We can come over and help you get things together.

Now, our three reasons September is the time to organize your home business:

1. You’re Coming off a Slow Summer Season

Most home-based businesses are service-oriented businesses that slow down during the summer – with the obvious exception of things like lawn care, landscaping and pool services. We will discuss those more in just a minute. For everyone else, coming off a slower summer should give you a little bit of extra time to organize the office, go through the paperwork, clean your computer files, etc. The customers you will serve during the fall and winter are all recouping from the summer themselves, so September tends to be one of the slower months.

As for those of you who are in lawn care and landscaping, you start to slow down in September with the cooler weather. Mid-to-late September is a good time to organize in preparation for autumn yard cleaning and winter snow plowing. Things are going to pick up in October, so make the best use of September.

2. September Means New Customers

September also tends to be, statistically speaking, one of the best months of the year for small businesses to gain new customers. As long as you’re putting new customers on, you might just as well organize your record keeping to account for them. Think of it as spring cleaning in preparation for a remodeling project. Organizing your office and record-keeping now will make it easier to seamlessly add those new customers when they call.

3. The Kids Are Back in School

Small business owners who work out of their homes may find the summer months chaotic with the kids being home and doing what they do. September comes and the kids go back to school. Take advantage of those first few weeks of peace and quiet (before you get used to it again) to get the home office cleaned and organized. You may find September is one of the most productive months in terms of home office organization for this very reason.

September and March tend to be the best times of year for small businesses to step back and reorganize. So with September almost here, we encourage you to make the best of it. If we can be of assistance, we would love the opportunity to help you. My Divine Concierge are experts in organization in both the home and the office. We can help you organize the essentials, get rid of clutter, and make the best use of limited space through creative storage solutions.

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