A Full Schedule Is Not a Badge of Honor

A Full Schedule Is Not a Badge of HonorSomewhere during the last three or four decades, we came up with this silly notion that having a full schedule is a good thing. In fact, a lot of us consider our busy schedules a badge of honor. They are not. For a lot of people, a busy schedule is the main reason they cannot get organized. Perhaps it’s time for us to take a second look at what has us all so busy so often.

A 2013 infographic put together by Crossway revealed some interesting data about American busyness:

  • Compared to other countries with similar demographics and economies, Americans work the most at an average of 8.8 hours per day.
  • Despite predictions of technology reducing the average workweek, our average workweek has continued to climb since 1967. The average workweek for some workers is approaching 60 hours.
  • More than one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep (i.e., they sleep less than six hours per night). Furthermore, the average American gets up to 2.5 hours less sleep per night than their counterparts did a century ago.

The statistics only touch on work-related busyness. They do not account for all the other things we do outside of work. They don’t account for ferrying the kids off to sporting events, volunteering to be on the PTA, getting together with friends on the weekend, and on and on. The question is, how did we get so obsessed with staying busy?

Busyness Is a Status Symbol

A 2017 report by NBC news shed some light on our obsession busyness. Believe it or not, the answer is simple if not strange and somewhat disturbing: busyness has become a status symbol. Busy people are considered to be in a higher social class simply because they appear to be more productive and less focused on leisure.

The NBC report goes on to explain that our definition of status, a definition that once relied on material possessions, now relies on how busy a person is. One study theorizes that the transition is the result of a general societal discomfort with wealth. In other words, we do not necessarily appreciate people with a lot of money and the possessions that come with it. We do appreciate people who know how to work hard.

End the Busyness, Solve the Disorganization

By now you might be wondering what all of this has to do with My Divine Concierge and the services we offer. Fair enough. The explanation is as follows: you might be able to solve your disorganization problems by bringing an end to the busyness that now controls your life.

If you cannot seem to get your house cleaned on a regular schedule, it might be because you simply don’t have the time. We would be more than happy to do the cleaning for you. After all, that’s part of our business. But we would be equally happy to see you get a handle on things yourself.

Remember that a busy schedule is not a badge of honor. It is the enemy of organization. It’s just not that easy to stay organized when you have so many things on your plate that you’re having trouble balancing it. So look for ways to be less busy. If you conquer the busyness and still find you need help getting organized, My Divine Concierge is but a phone call away.

We can come alongside you to clean your home, help you organize, create new storage solutions, help you solve a hoarding situation, help you downsize your parents, run errands, and so much more. Whatever we can do to make your life easier is worth talking about.

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