Emerging Services for the Modern Concierge Company

Emerging Services for the Modern Concierge CompanyOne of the fundamental rules of business is that every business sector evolves over time. It evolves because customer needs change, technology increases speed and efficiency, government regulations force different ways of doing things, and so on. This fundamental rule means the concierge business is evolving as well. What we used to do 10 years ago will not look the same 10 years from now. It is an exciting time to be a concierge.

From our perspective, there seems to be some emerging services that will likely play an important role in the successful concierge business for the next decade. We would like to point out three of them in this post. The first two we already offer, the third one is not yet on our list. Perhaps we will add it in the future.

Hoarding Resolution

As a clinically established obsessive-compulsive behavior, hoarding is something that has probably been around as long as man has lived on the earth. However, not until recently has the problem gotten a lot of attention in our culture. Now that the cat has been let out of the bag, so to speak, it is apparent that families of hoarders need help cleaning up and cleaning out. More and more we are seeing the need for this service.

Our hoarding resolution service is specifically intended to help hoarders and their families handle the physical aspects of organization, storage, disposal, and cleaning. The mental and emotional aspects we leave to qualified professionals. When we go into a home, we will help sort through all of the possessions, properly organize and store what will be saved, dispose of what needs to go, and thoroughly clean the home so that it is ready for whatever the family wants to do with it.

Life Change Organization

Significant life changes can throw all of us into a state of disorganization and chaos. The life changes we’re talking about include things like downsizing for seniors, reorganizing after the death of a loved one, adding children through adoption or birth, dealing with disorganization accompanying a chronic and debilitating disease, or even getting married and moving to the other side of the country. When life changes drastically, disorganization often follows on its heels.

My Divine Concierge specializes in helping people organize their lives after major life changes. For example, we may help a senior moving to an assisted living facility organize her possessions, donate or sell what’s no longer needed, and then pack, move, unpack and set up at the new location. This allows our client to worry about the personal transition without having to concern herself with material possessions.

Technology Services

The world of technology is one that confuses an awful lot of people. As such, we have observed a rise in personalized technology services among concierge companies with tech savvy employees. These services are especially helpful to older Americans who use technology but are not quite able to adapt as easily as their younger counterparts are.

A concierge offering technology services may come in and help the customer set up and learn to use a new DVR or television. He might teach them how to use a tablet computer to keep in touch with children and grandchildren. He might even come in once a month to run routine housekeeping services on a customer’s personal computer.

Of the three emerging services, we do not yet offer this one at My Divine Concierge. We may do so in the future if we determine our business model allows for it. In any case, we do offer hoarding resolution and life change organization along with a whole host of other personal concierge services. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is something we can help you with.

Contact My Divine Concierge for all your Concierge Services. We provide expert organizing services for the home and business, personal shopping, assisted living relocation services, and much more.

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