Monthly Archives: April 2014

Five Personal Service Qualities of the Successful Concierge

The personal concierge business is a people-oriented one to the highest degree. In fact, it is all about serving people and their unique needs. That means being a successful concierge requires certain people skills or, as we like to say, “personal service qualities.” The concierge who possesses these qualities is...
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Emerging Services for the Modern Concierge Company

One of the fundamental rules of business is that every business sector evolves over time. It evolves because customer needs change, technology increases speed and efficiency, government regulations force different ways of doing things, and so on. This fundamental rule means the concierge business is evolving as well. What we...
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A Personal Concierge for the Business Professional

When you think about a personal concierge service like ours, whom do you suppose benefits most from the services we provide? If business professionals are on your list, you are on the right track. Business professionals are among those who most often use personal concierges because they would rather spend...
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